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                Exterior Home Renovation with                  Fiber Cement Siding

Often, the best siding to replace your stucco with is fiber cement. EIFS stucco can rot your home because of the way Florida heat is. Arid climates are more suitable for stucco, so it’s crucial to have the right kind of siding for your home based on location. All About Siding LLC is run by experts who can help those in Milton, FL, with their fiber cement siding needs!

What Are the Benefits of Fiber Cement?

  • More cost-effective: Fiber cement siding is affordable compared to wood, and it has more sturdiness and less chance of causing water damage.

  • Improves curb appeal: Fiber cement siding looks great! If you want to improve your home’s look visually, fiber cement siding may be a perfect choice.

  • Durability: In the heat of Florida and the weather changes, fiber cement siding is sturdy enough to handle the toughest of storms much more than another siding like wood.


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